Progressive Sustainability to Counter Climate Change

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Upon preparing for the COP 27, the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference, the current presidency met with the previous administration. Leading a conference that will host world leaders to set policies for combating the climate change threat is not an easy task.

Current COP 27 presidency decided to conduct a meeting with previous COP presidents to gain insights into how to best lead the upcoming COP event, and learn about previous obstacles to avoid. Consistency in developing strategies to better lead future COP events sets the tone for our hopes to implement more effective methods to combat climate change.

COP 27 is set to take place in Sharm EL-Sheikh, Egypt, and Flash Tour has been chosen to be the official travel agency for the event. To learn more and stay updated with COP 27, Check our weekly news as well as the official COP 27 website.