The pearl of the Indian Ocean



Africa, the land of the wildlife. The most famous Safari’s in the world are in the biggest Savannas located in Africa. Luckily, we are here to make your experience unforgettable. Yes, you read it right. We organize Safari excursions with a private car, and accommodation. You can stay in the Savannah for a couple of days or you can enjoy the best of both worlds, because we have now launched an overday Safari from Zanzibar Island to Mikumi or Selous.

Selous Reserve

Africa’s largest protected reserve and home to the largest concentration of elephants in the world. Due to its undisturbed nature, the reserve was announced as a world heritage site by the unesco; moreover, preserving its vast variety of wildlife species.

Ngorongoro Conservation

A preservation made to provide a safe haven for globally threatened species to thrive in their natural habitat free of any threats from poachers. It also serves as settlements for semi-nomadic Massai tribes who still practice the ancient ways of the local tribes in the region.

Mikumi Park

A wild park featuring a variety of wild animals and birds and home to the tree-climbing lions, the only lion species in the world that climb trees during their leisure time. The park is a resting spot for several migratory wildlife that passes through to get the rest they need before continuing their journey.


In Zanzibar, our own resort Kiwengwa Beach has more than 200 rooms. It is directly located on the beach and offers a wide range of activities. The island itself has the most famous beaches in Africa, where we will organize your private boat Safaris to sand banks located in the middle of the ocean. A visit to the forest with a guide taking you on a spice tour, and a day of relaxation sipping on coconut by the beach.

National Park

A vast lagoon blessed with a spectacular landscape of striped sand. The mangrove trees, the only trees to live on salt water, surround the lagoon adding to its natural beauty. The clear water offers a spectacular opportunity to snorkel and observe the sea pearls.

Stone Town

The ancient capital city of Zanzibar, where travelers enter the daily life of the locals and explore the culture. It is where our guests can experience the local culture, and observe old architecture. A visit to Stone Town is never complete without a visit to Freddie Mercury’s home museum that will rock your trip. While Stone Town is no longer considered the capital of Zanzibar, it remains the capital of Zanzibar’s culture.

Jozani Forest

Located in the southern part of the Island, and home to the Red Colobus: a rare species of monkey that is regarded as the national symbol of Zanzibar. Located in the Southern region of the island, Jozani Forest is well situated for those who seek an adventure in Zanzibar; moreover, explore the island’s wildlife thriving freely.


There is a lot to explore in Zanzibar, and one destination is not enough to explore the island. We provide our clients with transportation that serve both large groups commuting together and adventurous individuals looking to explore the forest.