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Located in South Sinai, Sharm El-Sheikh is a coastal destination. It is warm and sunny all year long and has the most famous coral reef sites. If you are a diving enthusiast, this is the best place to go. For some adrenaline rush you can try different kinds of water sports. If you are a marine passionate you will discover so many marine species and be astonished by the underwater colored reefs. For those wanting to relax, they can enjoy refreshments while tanning on a sunbed by the beach. Nightlife in Sharm is very lively, and this aesthetically beautiful town offers all sorts of activities from early morning to late at night. 

Tiran Island

One of the most astonishing spots in the Red Sea with enchanting aquatic wonders. It is one of the best preserved diving sites, with many visitors passing by to experience the beauty of the marine life around.

Mt. Moses

The biblical site where Moses received the 10 commandments. Nearby the mountain at St. Catherine’s village, accommodation is offered for adventurers seeking to hike their way up the mountains.

Ras Mohamed

A natural preservation where diving enthusiasts will be dazzled by the beauty of its coral reefs. It is protected under Egyptian law to never be  polluted with urbanization as an act of preserving Egyptian nature, and the marine wildlife inhabiting the area.


Located along the Red Sea, Hurghada offers a wide variety of activities. In this city you can go on an adventure, you can snorkel, you can enjoy a boat day and relax. Hurghada is very famous for its laidback lifestyle, for fish lovers you will enjoy the freshest seafood. Hurghada ranks amongst the top destinations for those seeking a relaxing holiday

Dream Island

A very special site to explore the under-water gardens of the coral reefs and colorful fish; moreover, enjoy your sunbathe by the beach while unwinding in nature, A visit to Dream Island is a remedy in its own way.

Giftun Island

A truly magnificent island with its offshore reefs providing spectacular drop-offs for experienced divers, hiding moray eels and fish amongst the corals

Red Sea Monasteries

Hidden amid the arid Red Sea Hills, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, lies Egypt’s two oldest Coptic monasteries: St Paul’s and St Anthony’s


Marsa Alam, a very well preserved protectorate where nature is intact, far away from urbanization and in the heart of nature. This destination is so authentic that the main activity there is exploring the marine life, the birds. This tranquil destination has white sandy beaches, lagoons, and top sites for diving

Abu Dabab

A chance to spot the seaweeds gracing dugongs and turtles within their natural habitat. In addition to abundance of colored fish and the rarest coral cuts in the red sea

Hamata Islands

The shallow waters are home to the black and orange striped fish and marine delicate species within the vicinity of the coral reefs

Sataya Dolphin Reef

An extraordinary site with a steep wall at the outer reef, which is overgrown with hard and soft corals. It provides an opportunity to encounter large schools of fish such as dolphins, tunas, Napoleon, and occasionally passing turtles


Located on the Eastern bank of the Nile, where the ancient capital of Egypt, Thebes, stood. Due to the city’s historical significance, it is abundant with numerous artifacts from several eras in Egyptian history; moreover, the city is renowned as an open-air museum

Mummification Museum

An archeological museum, dedicated to the art of Ancient Egyptian mummification. It displays related artifacts and mummies, and  information about the mummification process for humans and animals

Karnak Temple

Karnak is viewed as the biggest antiquated site on the planet. Around thirty pharaohs have contributed to the structures, permitting it to arrive at a size, intricacy, and variety not discovered elsewhere in Egypt

Valley of the Kings

The massive site of royal burials since around 2100 BC with more than 63 magnificent royal tombs. It is one of the most prominent sites to contribute in filling huge gaps in Egyptian history as Egyptologists were able to fill in the timeline through studying all these tombs.


Located in Southern Egypt, it has served as a strategic location since ancient times for commercial activities. Nowadays, the city hosts several ancient temples from different eras; furthermore, the Nubian villages are where you observe well preserved cultures still practicing ancient practices

Nubian Village

Explore the Traditional Nubian village with vividly colored houses, spice shops, and cafes overlooking the Nile River. It is an experience that no one should miss

Abu Simbel

Built by the Egyptian king Ramses II and the largest temple carved in rocks in the world. Sun lights up the face of Ramses II in Abu Simbel in biannual illumination. This unique phenomenon takes place just twice a year—once on October 22 to mark the king’s birthday and the beginning of the growing season, and again on February 22 to celebrate his coronation and the start of harvest season

Philae Temple

Egypt’s ancient center for the cult of Isis. The temple complex was rescued and moved to nearby Agilkia Island as part of the UNESCO Nubia Campaign project


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