Luxor Skies Witnesses 21 Hot Air Balloon Flights

Best Highlight in 2023

The Flying Balloon Airport was filled with joy and excitement as 520 tourists embarked on 21 balloon flights on Friday, 2nd June.


According to Khaled Soliman, an employee of the Flying Balloon Airport, the Civil Aviation Authority had permitted balloon flights the day before on Thursday, 1st June. 


The decision was made after weather conditions improved under the supervision of Brigadier General Omar Atif, the Manager of the Balloons Airport.


Khaled Soliman also mentioned that around 16 tourism agencies provide Flying Balloon Flights. The journey begins with flying towards the West Bank of Luxor, where tourists can see natural landscapes, islands, temples, and other historic sites.


It’s worth noting that Luxor ranks 3rd place in balloon flights. All companies are committed to following Civil Aviation instructions to ensure the safety of all tourists, taking all necessary precautions, and providing entertainment to ensure that tourists have a magical trip, enjoying the view of Egypt’s monuments and Luxor’s natural landscape from the sky.