Egypt Hospitality

Egyptians are known for their warmth, their strong hospitality, their culture, their rich history and ancestry heritage. The legacy of this country will forever be well preserved. In fact Egypt is the place of birth of Flash tours, where it all started. Our clients will immediately feel at home while living the best Egyptian experience. Whether you are a beach lover, a mountain climber, a history passionate, this great land offers unlimited option where Flash tour will gladly assist you in all you excursions.


Magic 1 & Magic 2

Our Magic twin cruises feature an indoors comprehensive Egyptian experience: featuring oriental shows, bazaars exhibiting traditional Egyptian products, and several entertainment facilities. For a more upbeat atmosphere, both cruises feature a discotheque in the lounge bar for guests to enjoy their moments. We have arranged a reading room for our guests who wish to relax while reading their favorite book, or simply unwind while looking at the scenic view featuring the Nile. 

The cruises feature 72 cabins each, a large sundeck with a pool and jacuzzi , a main restaurant, housekeeping services; furthermore, a fully equipped recreation center with a spa, a gymnasium, and gaming rooms.

Lady Carol & Lady Mary

Our two ladies feature 72 cabins, a one setting main international cuisine restaurant, bar, and a large sundeck; moreover, the sudeck is equipped with a large pool, and a deck bar to serve our guests’ favorite drinks while they are getting their tan lines. For an Egyptian experience, we have included a bazaar that exhibits traditional Egyptian products along with high quality replicas of ancient antiquities for those who wish to have a souvenir from Egypt. We also host different traditional folkloric demonstrations to bring our guests into the spirit of Egyptian culture; furthermore, for those who want to simply relax while enjoying the Nile, we have included a reading room that is soundproof. Aboard the cruises you will have full access to 24 hours of housekeeping, laundry, and medical services.


An upscale Nile cruise for guests wishing to experience Egypt with a taste of luxury. The Excellence features upscale cabins and suites that guarantee our guests satisfaction. The main restaurant hosts up to 60 guests, with an open buffet style or occasional set menus according to the program’s theme; furthermore, we delight our guests with tea served aboard the sundeck while we are cruising the Nile. For entertainment we host a variety of traditional shows, and a night discotheque in the lounge bar; moreover, a fully equipped recreation center is available for our guests to enjoy their time at the spa or get a massage after a long day full of activities.


The crown jewel of our Nile cruises fleet. Accommodation includes 40 rooms and suites featuring 9 Executive Rooms, 11 Suites and 20 Royal Suites. Each unit is equipped with top notch furniture, and the highest quality of amenities. 

The main restaurant offers an open buffet with a delicious array of dishes for all meal courses with alternating themes for dinner each night. The cruise’s disco welcomes guests with an array of refreshments to add to our guests’ experience, and we have arranged all varieties of traditional folkloric shows to immerse our guests into a comprehensive Egyptian experience. 


The Swimming pool on the sun deck gives the chance for guests to take a refreshing dip in the cool water or guests can also indulge and relax in the outdoor Jacuzzi while enjoying breathtaking views of the Nile River. The cruise holds a fully-equipped fitness area, fitted with a variety of machinery to ensure that our guests have what they need for a satisfying workout.
The cruise holds a bazaar on deck with a unique selection of memorable souvenirs to hold your favorite memories from the trip. Guests can enjoy the serene atmosphere of a quiet reading room to get lost in a good literature piece.


1920’s Boutique Hotel

A beautiful 100 year-old villa in the heart of El Korba, Heliopolis is home to 8 renowned restaurants and a charming boutique hotel.

The hotel consists of 9 rooms in addition to a luxury suite, each room telling its own story through its unique interior.  The renowned Architect Mr. Yacoubian used to live in this astonishing villa a century ago. This Boutique hotel in the heart of Heliopolis is surrounded with beautiful churches that are older than this monumental building.

At 1920’s we serve our guests as aristocrats were once served in this mansion long ago. We treat each guest as the owner of this prestigious hotel, and our staff works to personalize all requests.

Other than hosting our guests, we offer a gymnasium that will assist our guests to maintain their fitness during their stay; moreover, a spa to pamper yourself. 

The doors, the wooden floors the high ceiling have all been preserved, the alleys and the landscapes all add a charm in the Villa and it feels like a Voyage back in time.

True Beach Resort

True Beach Resort in Marsa Alam offers you a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The True Beach Resort boasts two wings, featuring a stunning collection of 158 tastefully designed rooms. Each room is furnished and adorned with an exquisite Arabian bohemian style.

You have the option to decide between the resort area, which is perfect for families, or the village area, specially crafted for adults.

Both areas offer spacious rooms with swim-ups and other amenities.

Our rooms are designed with keen attention to detail, ensuring the highest standards of comfort for our esteemed guests.

Moreover, our resort offers exceptional service facilities to enhance your overall experience.

Our goal is to make you feel at ease and welcome as a part of our extended family.

Our team is dedicated to meeting your needs and ensuring a comfortable stay.

Don’t miss enjoying the rich marine life of the Red Sea or visiting the nearby attractions.


La Vela

A vintage wooden boat that certainly stands out. This astonishing “Turkish boat”, because of its unique architecture, has linen boat sails and perfectly blends in with the mood of the Red sea. Located between Marsa Allam and Hurghda, this 12 cabin masterpiece has a huge sundeck where yoga classes are held. An outdoor lunch and dining are where the food is served as a buffet and an indoor living room for colder days where our guests can spend their time in this cozy saloon. Many activities are offered on La Vela, it is a certified diving boat that has its license.  We also organize Kitesurfing trips and snorkeling. The common area is designed for guests to relax, sunbathe, soak in the sun rays or practice meditation and even read their books. La vela is the perfect getaway boat for a week at sea far from the shores just letting yourself go and your mind relax surrounded by unlimited shades of blue, and encountering water species.

Flash 3, Flash 4, and Flash 5

A fleet of motorboats for daily snorkeling trips in Hurghada and Marsa Alam. Each vessel caters to 35 guests. Snorkeling gear is provided for all guests.

Expect spectacular coastal views and the opportunity to spot geometric morays, sharks, and amazing coral formations. 

For those who prefer to stay above water, you can stay aboard to sunbathe, relax and refresh with some ice-cold drinks from the open bar

Luxury Speed Boat

An exhilarating aquatic experience off the coast of the Red Sea. Experience a high adrenaline joyride in a motorboat, zipping across dazzling turquoise waters. Geared with professional snorkeling equipment, you can plunge into the water to swim with dolphins, discover the colorful coral reefs and encounter Red Sea marine life

Food & Beverage


Rossini Restaurant was established in 1993 in Cairo and Florence offering a wide range of exquisite Italian and Seafood specialties. The setting is a Mediterranean style

villa in the heart of Heliopolis. We succeeded over the years to build a solid reputation and a wide network of loyal guests whom we consider Egypt’s elite.

At Rossini, we believe that every dish is unique. We delight our guests with fine dining Italian fusion.

As a fine dining restaurant, our guests can only expect a VIP treatment, and we guarantee to exceed all expectations. Since our establishment we have been successful at introducing Italian specialities to the Egyptian elites. It is our heritage that has paved the way for other entrepreneurs to follow our lead, and enter the market on solid grounds.


Carlo’s by Le Pacha 1901 in Heliopolis is an International Cuisine Restaurant where you will indulge your taste buds with the dishes of your choice from Oriental, Asian,

Italian, grills, to authentic Egyptian brams and tajins in a unique outdoor ambiance.

As an international restaurant, our core value is to serve all. We strive to cater to all preferences as we position ourselves as the market leader for international restaurants.

We are also the official restaurant to serve 1920’s boutique hotel, as guests will always find their delicacies with us. At Carlo’s our guests expect to find all dishes they

would consider, and find out there are much more delicacies to try.

You can visit our restaurant everyday for a whole month and not eat the same dish twice.