Full Moon Party in Zanzibar Featuring African Talents

A monthly tradition since 1996

Zanzibar is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. It’s not only famous for its beaches and resorts but also for its energetic full moon parties. These monthly parties are organized to feature African talents that will hype up the rhythm with a cultural twist.

The Full Moon Party is a monthly tradition that started back in 1996 between a group of friends in Thailand, and the guests around them; moreover, It has been an ongoing event since then.

The party takes place on the beach where people can dance to music, eat delicious food, enjoy drinks and make new friends. The party lasts until sunrise when people get ready to start their day with a fresh mind and body.

It is a highly recommended party for those who want to experience African culture infused with global trends, and our team in Zanzibar will show you the way to the upcoming party.