Egypt, the land of wonders.

Attracting millions of tourists from all around the world, with more than 5200 years of civilization, EGYPT is home to one of the most popular and breathtaking seven wonders of the world : “The Great Pyramid, located at Giza on the west bank of the Nile River north of Cairo in Egypt, is the only wonder of the ancient world that has survived to the present day.”

A country that has preserved its legacy, offering surreal sceneries, restored temples with intact colors, home to the largest river in the world “THE NILE”.

Egypt once again has proven itself to be the so-called mother of the world “Om el Donia.” On the 2nd of December, it has been introduced to a new kind of tourism that has hosted international stars, actors, influencers, signers, models.

THE DIOR show took place by the pyramids of Giza where the new Men capsule collection has been showcased for the first time in history. 

2 month ago, on October 9th Stefano Ricci, a renowned Italian Fashion designer has celebrated his label’s 50 years old anniversary in Queen Hatshepsut temple in Luxor. Making it a remarkable global event, and highlighting once again our country’s richness.