Cercle Music in Hatshepsut

A Fresh Start in 2023

After four years of waiting, Cercle and the Swiss duo DJ and electronic music producer Adriatique are preparing a live performance in Egypt at the iconic Hatshepsut Temple on February 13, 2023.

Many surprises are waiting for Adriatique’s fans there as Cercle provides an immersive travel experience from the 9th-14th of February before the event.

The Cercle team will take around 30 guests on a five-day cruise along the Nile River to reach the event destination before anyone else as well as exploring Egypt and its beautiful atmosphere.

On board, the guests will receive an intimate DJ set by Adana Twins, and they will enjoy the sunrise from hot air balloons with fancy dinner and cocktails. The team will also provide a guided tour of some of Egypt’s heritage sites.

The event is organized and collaborated with P+US, Kord Agency, Experience Egypt and the Ministry of Tourism & Antiques. You can per-register for the event here or check the Facebook event. If you couldn’t attend the event, no problem, you can still watch the event online through Cercle’s social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram.

It wasn’t the first cooperation between Adriatique and Cercle, as their last performance was in French Alps in early 2019. Cercle is known for hosting unique events in stunning locations around the world.

It was not the first performance in Luxor. On 22nd  February 2021, WhoMadeWho performed thousands of live-streaming marking the bi-annual sun festival at Abu Simbel. These events made Luxor the best place for music concerts and encouraged many superstars to perform in many destinations in Egypt.

The performance at the Hatshepsut Temple will be a great highlight in 2023 as the temple is a perfect setting for an impressive music atmosphere to Adriatique and will leave an unforgettable memory to many attendees. So, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy your favorite electronic music in front of the ancient view.